Dr. Saleh’s Practice

Dear patients,

Whether you have a toothache and need urgent help or have been putting off a visit to the dentist for years and are looking for a detailed examination, you can count on me!

In my fully air-conditioned practice, all treatments are carried out with the highest quality, using modern technologies and a special focus on sustainable aesthetics and function.

Courtesy and care take center stage. I see my patients as partners who want to be honestly informed at eye level about the advantages and disadvantages of the individual forms of treatment.

Patients with dental phobia also appreciate my sensitive and careful approach to treatment. With us, emphatic information and pain-free anesthesia alone often make more drastic procedures such as general anesthesia unnecessary.

Your satisfaction is our success. Come and find out for yourself about me and my practice team, we look forward to seeing you!

You can find out more about me and my career here.

Patient Care from
Babies to Seniors

I am happy to support my patients with their oral health throughout their lives, from their first tooth to their removable teeth. In addition to aesthetic and functional dental care for adults, I also like to treat children in a playful and age-appropriate way, making a visit to the dentist a joyful experience even for the youngest.

Children and Youths

Therapy for children and adolescents is characterized by a special, mostly playful approach, with the focus on behavioural management.

Find out more about our pediatric consultation and the services we offer specifically for our young patients.


In addition to preventive measures (professional tooth cleaning), adult dentistry also focuses on incipient bone bed diseases (periodontitis).

Increasingly worn teeth require stable dental prostheses such as crowns. Bridges or implants can be considered for missing teeth.


Dentistry for seniors includes close prophylactic measures on the remaining teeth and dentures because fine motor skills are increasingly declining.

Increasing bone loss focuses the main attention on periodontitis treatments, the repair of existing dentures and the restoration of poorly fitting dentures, possibly with the insertion of mini implants in the edentulous jaw.